Welcome to Course 5!

Woohoo! You made it to the last and final course of the COETAIL program!

Course 5 Overview

As mentioned a number of times, course 5 is very different than the rest of the courses. For starters, this course runs the entire semester, from September 8th – December 7th. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you will have readings and commenting every week!

Here’s an overview video of the course:

Introducing Course 5 from COETAIL on Vimeo.

Course 5 has three main components:

  • Blogging
  • Community Engagement
  • Final Project

Since you’re already familiar with the blogging aspect, the important thing to know is that you’ll only need to write 3 posts for this course, instead of the usual 6. If you’d like to write more, that’s great! (Check out Week 3 for more details.)

The Community Engagement element builds upon the commenting you’ve been doing in the previous four courses, and asks you to extend your reach beyond just commenting on COETAIL (and other) blogs. (Check out Week 4 for more details.)

The final project allows you to apply everything we’ve been discussing in the previous four courses in your classroom. You will take at least one of the project ideas you developed at the end of Course 4 and actually teach it, reflect on it, and get student feedback over the course of this semester. As you’re teaching, reflecting and hearing from students, you’ll be recording samples for your final project presentation (to be shared online by the end of this course). (Check out Week 2, 5 and 6 for more details.)

As you work through each of these components, please make sure to include the links on your grading spreadsheet so I can keep up with your work.

All assignments for this course are due are due on November 24th. This gives you time to complete everything before the other participants watch your finished final product video.

Networked & Flexible

Because we don’t have assigned reading and posts for each week of this course, the first six weeks of the course are “assignments” that describe the three components of this course.  You may want to read through all of them right away, or you may take them one week at a time – whatever works for you!

The most important part of Course 5 is to take what you’ve been thinking about in the previous four courses and really apply it and make it your own. We hope you’ll continue reflecting and sharing in online spaces after COETAIL is over, and Course 5 is that intermediary step between a very formalized structure for sharing, and finding your own process that works best for you.

Remember to use your network during this course! Use the #coetail hashtag on Twitter and Google+, add to the forums on the COETAIL site, and of course connect with the Course 5 Google+ Community created by Vivian as part of her Course 5 project for a great support network. (If you’re interested, she’s also happy to share management of that group – if you are, please let me know!) We’re all here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice!

Important Announcements & Reminders

Although I may not be posting here every week for this course, please make sure this blog stays in your RSS reader so you can catch up on any exciting news that is shared here! Deadlines and important assessment announcements will be made here too, so you don’t want to miss those.

Good luck and enjoy the final course!

Image Credits:

Finish by Jeff Turner, Creative Commons Licensed on Flickr

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Course 5!

  1. Hi, I think I missed a memo on how we become connected to the Coetail twitter group that Jeff mentions in Week 4? I’m abel to follow the group but not sure how to become a member myself. I added my name to a spreadsheet in my Google Drive. Is there anything else I should do? Thanks, Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie,

      There’s nothing for you to do – he updates the list regularly, but I’ll remind him.

      You can also start connecting with others just using the #coetail hashtag.

      You are good to go!



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