Summer is almost here!


You have now completed the first four courses! As we wrap up the last bits and pieces of Course 4, I wanted to wish you all a fabulous summer holiday. I’m looking forward to hearing about your travels when we catch up again next semester.

Course 5 Highlights

For those that are really thinking ahead, a few things to remember about Course 5:

  • Course 5 runs the entire fall semester from September 8th to December 7th. This is to allow you enough time to actually complete the project and have time to reflect (and collect student samples and feedback).
  • Your final project will be in the form of a 10-minute video. These videos will be shared publicly on your blog, as well as featured on various COETAIL forums – like our G+ community.
  • Your Course 4 project should have given you a few options to choose from for your Course 5 project. As you settle back into your routine in August, that would be a good time to select which project you plan to actually complete.
  • As you work through your Course 5 project there will be no formal blogging prompts. Writing about your project is a great way to keep up your blogging practice.
  • The other element in Course 5 is to document the growth of your personal learning network and how you are contributing to your personal online community. This is also a great topic for blog posts.

More details about Course 5 will come in September, but hopefully this will get you started thinking.

#waikiki by superkimbo, CC Licensed on Flickr

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