Week 6: Sharing Your Final Project

Congratulations, you’re almost finished!

Now that your Course 5 Final Project video has been created, it needs to be published and shared in a reflective blog post on your blog. We STRONGLY encourage you to finish your presentation sooner rather than later after you have completed teaching the unit with your students. 

As part of Course 5, you are expected to give feedback on fellow CoETaIL colleagues’ Final Project videos, via a Google Form.  You will be given your own feedback from the audience once your presentation is complete.  This feedback will be used in helping to determine your final grade. See details below for how to follow this process.

Sharing: (Publishing)

To officially submit your final project, follow these steps:

  1. Upload your final video to your own YouTube account and make it public. (We highly recommend uploading your video to YouTube as a 10 minute video can be quite a large file.  See YouTube Support for instructions on how to upload a video to YouTube).
  2. Use the YouTube embed code to embed the video on your blog and add the link to your grading spreadsheet.
  3. Add your link to your final blog post (which has your final presentation video embedded) to this survey.

The results from the survey from step 5 above (a spreadsheet) with the links to your final blog post and feedback form is shared here, as well as on the cohort blog so that everyone in our cohort (and beyond) can both watch your presentation and provide feedback.

You are also required to watch and fill out a feedback survey for approximately 10 cohort members. Your assessment of their work will be anonymous and they will receive the feedback on their grading spreadsheet. Likewise, you will receive the anonymous feedback on your grading spreadsheet.


Your final project video must be posted to your blog by November 24th. Participants will then have a chance to watch each other’s projects and give feedback for the final two weeks of the course.

YouTube Support
Google Drive
Embed YouTube in WordPress Blog


  • Upload video to YouTube or Google Drive
  • Evaluate and provide constructive feedback via Google Forms on fellow CoETaIL colleagues Final Project Video Presentations

Performance Task(s):

  • Reflective blog post that includes your embedded Final Project Video, Unit Plan (using UbD Template)
  • Evaluate and give constructive feedback on your fellow COETAIL colleagues’ Final Project Video Presentations using the Google form.