Course 4: Final Project

As we finish up the last structured course in COETAIL, it’s time to start thinking about all that you’ve learned (from the course, from each other, from your own exploration) and how you can put that learning into action in your own practice. Course 5, as you know, is all about you re-designing a unit from the ground up to embed technology meaningfully and authentically as a means to enhancing learning.

The final project for Course 4 is designed to help you get ready for this.

In a blog post, sketch out two or three options you have in mind for your Course 5 project.

For each of the options, think about the following questions:

  • Why do you think this unit is a good possibility for your Course 5 project?

  • What are some of your concerns about redesigning this unit?

  • What shifts in pedagogy will this new unit require from you?

  • What skills and/or attitudes will this new unit require from your students?

This project is meant to help you begin planning for Course 5. You are by no means obligated to stick to the options that you list here. We hope, though, that this will help get you started in collecting your thoughts and ideas. It’s also a great way to get feedback from other people in your cohort before you begin.

Good luck!