Course 5: One Week Left!

Woohoo, let the countdown begin! Only 1 week left until we are wrapping up Course 5!

By this time next week (November 24th), you should have:

  • All three blog posts completed and listed in your grading spreadsheet
  • All community interactions listed in (or linked on) your grading spreadsheet
  • Your final project complete and uploaded (public) to YouTube
  • Your final project video embedded in your final blog post with a reflection (this counts as one of the three blog posts)

A few notes on the Course 5 tab of the grading spreadsheet (thanks for catching these!):

  • Although theres is room for five posts for Course 5, you only need to do the 3 posts.
  • Although there is the same space of leaving comment links, this is where you can put your community interactions. There were a few ideas for how to document those in the last post too.

What’s going to happen after November 24th?

Once all of your final projects are uploaded and embedded into your reflection blog posts, I will write a new post here, linking to your work. Within that post will be the feedback survey that all participants will complete as they watch your final presentation video. Ideally you will watch everyone’s projects, but realistically that might not happen. So, at the very least, please make sure to watch a minimum of five project videos and add your feedback on the survey. Of course, please feel free to watch as many as you have time for!

Keep in mind that you will definitely have feedback from me, but the feedback from your peers is dependent on who watches your video. You are also welcome to include the feedback survey in your own blog post if you’d like to have non-COETAILers provide you feedback as well.

Please complete all feedback surveys by December 1st. After December 1st I will finish reading anything outstanding and providing my feedback so that we can wrap up the course by December 8th.

Completing COETAIL

Once you have received your feedback from Course 5, along with your grade for the course, you will officially be a COETAIL graduate! If you are completing COETAIL for SUNY credit, it does take them some time to finish entering grades for your transcripts and to send certificates, so I would not expect those for several months. If at any point you have questions about SUNY grades or transcripts, please contact SUNY directly.

For those that wish to keep blogging, and we hope that you do, your COETAIL blog will remain active, and you’re welcome to participate in the COETAIL community in whatever way suits you best. We’re also continuing to develop our Coaches program, so if you’re interested in that, please let me know! If you liked learning with us, please check out our new courses offered through Eduro Learning. We’ll be bringing out more courses over the next few months, so subscribe to the mailing list if these sound interesting to you!

Final COETAIL Survey

Finally, in a few months, we’ll be sending our final post-COETAIL survey.  We usually wait about a semester so you can have a chance to reflect to see if you’ve continued implementing your learning from COETAIL. Looking forward to reading your feedback!

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please let us know!

2 thoughts on “Course 5: One Week Left!

  1. Hi Kim,

    I sent you an email about this, but I figured I’d post it here too, in case anyone else has the same question.

    I’m a bit confused (and now panicked!) because under the Week 3: Ideas for Blog Posts, it seems as though there are a total of 3 posts due, including the final project reflection post. This is what it says:

    “There are three required posts for Course 5, two of which have a required topic (see below), the topic of the third post is your choice. Of course, you are always welcome to publish more than the minimum number of posts!

    Required topics for two of your three posts:

    A reflection on your participation in your personal learning network over the course of this program and your continued plans for future growth. In what ways have you connected with others both within and beyond the COETAIL community (outside of the required blogging practice)? How has this participation enhanced your learning and professional development?

    A reflection of your Course 5 presentation (similar to your reflections for all previous courses) including all related materials (slides, videos, unit planners, etc).”

    So to me, it seems pretty clear that we have to write three total: one about our PLN, one about our final project (with the project embedded), and one of our choice. This is what I’ve read elsewhere, too, and this is the information I’ve been going with in order to plan my time and work.

    Have I missed something?



    1. Hi Jess,

      Yep! You’re right. Three total blog posts – one of which includes your final project video embedded, with a reflection.

      Thanks for asking!


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