Course 5: Almost There!

It’s hard to believe but we’re almost finished with Course 5!

After having a read through all of your amazing work so far on Course 5, I thought I would share some relevant updates here:

Blog Posts

It’s great to see the connections you’re making from all of the courses to your final project ideas! As well as the really fascinating posts that you’re writing on various topics relevant to COETAIL, but not directly related to your project. A few highlights were:

If you haven’t given these a read yet, they’re well worth your time!

Community Interactions

You guys are doing a fantastic job of continuing to build your PLN and to connect with others! There is one main priority in this element though: variety! The idea is not to put three comments because those are all the same skill you’ve been practicing for the whole program. Try one comment, one Twitter conversation and one G+ discussion instead. Mix it up and try something new! No need to include dozens of comments, though you’re welcome too 🙂 I’ll be looking for variety though.

Because the focus is variety, sometimes it’s tough to figure out how to record them on your spreadsheet. Basically, you can record them in any way that best works for your format. You can take screenshots and insert them into your spreadsheet, or you can upload screenshots to a photo sharing website, like Flickr, and share the link. Or, if it’s a Twitter conversation or G+ discussion you can include the link. The important part when including the link is to check if the viewer needs to be logged in to see the discussion. If so, a screenshot might be better.

New! Another option that a few people are using is to put all the screenshots in one Google Doc – this works really well because you can also easily explain what’s happening in each screenshot.

If you’re having hangouts related to COETAIL and building your PLN, that’s fantastic! Please include a very short description of what the focus of the hangout was and what you got out of it. You can put a short paragraph right into your spreadsheet so I can read it there.

All of these community interactions can make a great blog post if you would like to write about building your PLN for one of the blog posts for this course too!

The Final Project

A ten-minute video is an exciting, but challenging task (which is why there are only 3 required blog posts for this course, as you know). You’ve seen a few examples throughout the courses, and in particular within the readings for this course, but recently Jeff put together a playlist of some projects that I thought you would find useful too:

Remember, as you finish up your final project, it needs to be published to YouTube and embedded into your final blog post with a short reflection on the process. Once we have them all updated, I’ll create a post with all of your projects for easy access so you can watch them!

Finishing Up: Deadlines

As you know all course work, including your blog posts, community involvement, and final project are due by November 24th. Like all deadlines, it seems far away now, but will come up very quickly! If you have any questions or need any help as we move (maybe too quickly) towards that final due date, please let me know!

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