Congratulations COETAILers!

You did it! You are now officially COETAIL graduates! Congratulations!

For my last post for the Online1 blog, I wanted to share a few of the outstanding examples from your Course 5 projects. Before I do that, though, I need to say that all of you did a fabulous job! It was such a pleasure to see the way that you have brought together all of the COETAIL courses into one fantastic project with your students.

Final Project Highlights

I’m sharing these here because I was particularly blown away by something specific in each example. If you haven’t had a chance to watch, please do! If you get to this before Monday, please also feel free to submit a survey on any of these that you haven’t already watched.

Sean: The way Sean started his presentation with a personal story and kept that storytelling vibe throughout the presentation really helped me stay engaged and relate to him and his specific context in Burma.

Jessica: All of the feedback Jessica included from her students really gave a clear and detailed view into their experiences during this project. Also, the way she had a standard setting for those clips really made their feedback look so professional.

Tabitha: It’s so clear throughout Tabitha’s presentation how student-centered this project was. Seeing that authentic learning through so many clips of her students really gave the viewer a great insight into her classroom.

Leslie: It was really impressive to watch how Leslie built upon each element of her experience with her students to keep developing that networked classroom environment. So many clips from her students also helped demonstrate how enthusiastic they were about the project.

Dalton: What a master editor! Dalton was able to share all the key elements of his project, along with great clips from his classroom and student reflections, in under 5 minutes! Not only did he bring together all the different facets of COETAIL throughout the project, but he was able to share it with us in such an effective way!

Shary: Another master editor! Shary has included so many different elements of her work – all with great video clips and reflections – in a thoughtful and engaging 9-minute video! This one is especially impressive, because as an administrator, she doesn’t have a class of her own, but was able to implement all of the COETAIL elements throughout the semester.

Staying Connected

Well, this is pretty much the end for our cohort! Of course you will still have access to your blog and the COETAIL community, the Twitter hashtag, and the G+ group, so you won’t loose your COETAIL connection. I certainly hope to see lots of you at conferences and events around Asia!

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