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Congratulations COETAILers!

You did it! You are now officially COETAIL graduates! Congratulations!

For my last post for the Online1 blog, I wanted to share a few of the outstanding examples from your Course 5 projects. Before I do that, though, I need to say that all of you did a fabulous job! It was such a pleasure to see the way that you have brought together all of the COETAIL courses into one fantastic project with your students.

Final Project Highlights

I’m sharing these here because I was particularly blown away by something specific in each example. If you haven’t had a chance to watch, please do! If you get to this before Monday, please also feel free to submit a survey on any of these that you haven’t already watched.

Sean: The way Sean started his presentation with a personal story and kept that storytelling vibe throughout the presentation really helped me stay engaged and relate to him and his specific context in Burma.

Jessica: All of the feedback Jessica included from her students really gave a clear and detailed view into their experiences during this project. Also, the way she had a standard setting for those clips really made their feedback look so professional.

Tabitha: It’s so clear throughout Tabitha’s presentation how student-centered this project was. Seeing that authentic learning through so many clips of her students really gave the viewer a great insight into her classroom.

Leslie: It was really impressive to watch how Leslie built upon each element of her experience with her students to keep developing that networked classroom environment. So many clips from her students also helped demonstrate how enthusiastic they were about the project.

Dalton: What a master editor! Dalton was able to share all the key elements of his project, along with great clips from his classroom and student reflections, in under 5 minutes! Not only did he bring together all the different facets of COETAIL throughout the project, but he was able to share it with us in such an effective way!

Shary: Another master editor! Shary has included so many different elements of her work – all with great video clips and reflections – in a thoughtful and engaging 9-minute video! This one is especially impressive, because as an administrator, she doesn’t have a class of her own, but was able to implement all of the COETAIL elements throughout the semester.

Staying Connected

Well, this is pretty much the end for our cohort! Of course you will still have access to your blog and the COETAIL community, the Twitter hashtag, and the G+ group, so you won’t loose your COETAIL connection. I certainly hope to see lots of you at conferences and events around Asia!

Course 5: Our Last Week

Woohoo! Now we are really into the home stretch!

Thank you so much for all your amazing work on your final projects! I’ve watched about half so far, and will finish up with the rest of them this week. As we work through our final week of the program, please make sure that you have watched as many projects as you can (minimum of 5), and completed this survey for each project you view. At the end of this week, I will take all the feedback from the surveys and paste yours into your gradesheet for you to see.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

Course 5 Final Projects

Congratulations COETAILers!

You made it! At this point you should have:

Now that your final projects are posted and you’re ready for some feedback, here’s how this will work:

  1. All of the final project posts (that are available) are listed below. Please view at least 5 of them.
  2. After (or as you view) the projects, please complete a survey for each project you view (therefore, if you watch five videos, you’ll complete 5 surveys).
  3. All of the feedback about your final project from the survey will be copied and pasted into your individual grading spreadsheet, along with my feedback.

Over the next week, please take your time to watch as many projects as you can. This is always a great highlight of the course – seeing so many amazing educators sharing their work in 10 minutes or less! Of course, feel free to watch all of the videos from all participants – the more feedback from your peers, the better.

Final Projects from the Online1 Cohort:

(Note: I’m uploading these as I see them – since they’re not due until today, I’ll keep updating this post as they come in):

Course 5: One Week Left!

Woohoo, let the countdown begin! Only 1 week left until we are wrapping up Course 5!

By this time next week (November 24th), you should have:

  • All three blog posts completed and listed in your grading spreadsheet
  • All community interactions listed in (or linked on) your grading spreadsheet
  • Your final project complete and uploaded (public) to YouTube
  • Your final project video embedded in your final blog post with a reflection (this counts as one of the three blog posts)

A few notes on the Course 5 tab of the grading spreadsheet (thanks for catching these!):

  • Although theres is room for five posts for Course 5, you only need to do the 3 posts.
  • Although there is the same space of leaving comment links, this is where you can put your community interactions. There were a few ideas for how to document those in the last post too.

What’s going to happen after November 24th?

Once all of your final projects are uploaded and embedded into your reflection blog posts, I will write a new post here, linking to your work. Within that post will be the feedback survey that all participants will complete as they watch your final presentation video. Ideally you will watch everyone’s projects, but realistically that might not happen. So, at the very least, please make sure to watch a minimum of five project videos and add your feedback on the survey. Of course, please feel free to watch as many as you have time for!

Keep in mind that you will definitely have feedback from me, but the feedback from your peers is dependent on who watches your video. You are also welcome to include the feedback survey in your own blog post if you’d like to have non-COETAILers provide you feedback as well.

Please complete all feedback surveys by December 1st. After December 1st I will finish reading anything outstanding and providing my feedback so that we can wrap up the course by December 8th.

Completing COETAIL

Once you have received your feedback from Course 5, along with your grade for the course, you will officially be a COETAIL graduate! If you are completing COETAIL for SUNY credit, it does take them some time to finish entering grades for your transcripts and to send certificates, so I would not expect those for several months. If at any point you have questions about SUNY grades or transcripts, please contact SUNY directly.

For those that wish to keep blogging, and we hope that you do, your COETAIL blog will remain active, and you’re welcome to participate in the COETAIL community in whatever way suits you best. We’re also continuing to develop our Coaches program, so if you’re interested in that, please let me know! If you liked learning with us, please check out our new courses offered through Eduro Learning. We’ll be bringing out more courses over the next few months, so subscribe to the mailing list if these sound interesting to you!

Final COETAIL Survey

Finally, in a few months, we’ll be sending our final post-COETAIL survey.  We usually wait about a semester so you can have a chance to reflect to see if you’ve continued implementing your learning from COETAIL. Looking forward to reading your feedback!

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please let us know!

Course 5: Almost There!

It’s hard to believe but we’re almost finished with Course 5!

After having a read through all of your amazing work so far on Course 5, I thought I would share some relevant updates here:

Blog Posts

It’s great to see the connections you’re making from all of the courses to your final project ideas! As well as the really fascinating posts that you’re writing on various topics relevant to COETAIL, but not directly related to your project. A few highlights were:

If you haven’t given these a read yet, they’re well worth your time!

Community Interactions

You guys are doing a fantastic job of continuing to build your PLN and to connect with others! There is one main priority in this element though: variety! The idea is not to put three comments because those are all the same skill you’ve been practicing for the whole program. Try one comment, one Twitter conversation and one G+ discussion instead. Mix it up and try something new! No need to include dozens of comments, though you’re welcome too 🙂 I’ll be looking for variety though.

Because the focus is variety, sometimes it’s tough to figure out how to record them on your spreadsheet. Basically, you can record them in any way that best works for your format. You can take screenshots and insert them into your spreadsheet, or you can upload screenshots to a photo sharing website, like Flickr, and share the link. Or, if it’s a Twitter conversation or G+ discussion you can include the link. The important part when including the link is to check if the viewer needs to be logged in to see the discussion. If so, a screenshot might be better.

New! Another option that a few people are using is to put all the screenshots in one Google Doc – this works really well because you can also easily explain what’s happening in each screenshot.

If you’re having hangouts related to COETAIL and building your PLN, that’s fantastic! Please include a very short description of what the focus of the hangout was and what you got out of it. You can put a short paragraph right into your spreadsheet so I can read it there.

All of these community interactions can make a great blog post if you would like to write about building your PLN for one of the blog posts for this course too!

The Final Project

A ten-minute video is an exciting, but challenging task (which is why there are only 3 required blog posts for this course, as you know). You’ve seen a few examples throughout the courses, and in particular within the readings for this course, but recently Jeff put together a playlist of some projects that I thought you would find useful too:

Remember, as you finish up your final project, it needs to be published to YouTube and embedded into your final blog post with a short reflection on the process. Once we have them all updated, I’ll create a post with all of your projects for easy access so you can watch them!

Finishing Up: Deadlines

As you know all course work, including your blog posts, community involvement, and final project are due by November 24th. Like all deadlines, it seems far away now, but will come up very quickly! If you have any questions or need any help as we move (maybe too quickly) towards that final due date, please let me know!

Learning 2.014 in Bangkok

Woohoo! It’s finally here! My favorite edtech conference of the year is this week: Learning 2.014, this year hosted at NIST in Bangkok.

I’m sure many of you are going to be there. We’ll have a COETAIL meetup so you can chat face-to-face and meet many of the other participants and graduates. Last year we had over 50 people in our meetup and the conversations we had there led to a whole new series of courses we’re offering through our new company, Eduro Learning.

So, if you’ll be in Bangkok this week, please let us know by leaving a comment here. Looking forward to catching up with you soon!

Learning 2.0: Ethiopia

I thought you might be interested to know that this week is our first Learning 2.0 Conference outside of Asia!


Many COETAILers in the Africa, Middle East and Europe region will be in Addis Ababa (including me and Jeff) this week for the first Learning 2.0 Africa conference! If you’d like to follow along, check out the #learning2 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, and check the website for updates.

For those of you attending Learning 2.0 in Bangkok in two weeks, I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Welcome to Course 5!

Woohoo! You made it to the last and final course of the COETAIL program!

Course 5 Overview

As mentioned a number of times, course 5 is very different than the rest of the courses. For starters, this course runs the entire semester, from September 8th – December 7th. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you will have readings and commenting every week!

Here’s an overview video of the course:

Introducing Course 5 from COETAIL on Vimeo.

Course 5 has three main components:

  • Blogging
  • Community Engagement
  • Final Project

Since you’re already familiar with the blogging aspect, the important thing to know is that you’ll only need to write 3 posts for this course, instead of the usual 6. If you’d like to write more, that’s great! (Check out Week 3 for more details.)

The Community Engagement element builds upon the commenting you’ve been doing in the previous four courses, and asks you to extend your reach beyond just commenting on COETAIL (and other) blogs. (Check out Week 4 for more details.)

The final project allows you to apply everything we’ve been discussing in the previous four courses in your classroom. You will take at least one of the project ideas you developed at the end of Course 4 and actually teach it, reflect on it, and get student feedback over the course of this semester. As you’re teaching, reflecting and hearing from students, you’ll be recording samples for your final project presentation (to be shared online by the end of this course). (Check out Week 2, 5 and 6 for more details.)

As you work through each of these components, please make sure to include the links on your grading spreadsheet so I can keep up with your work.

All assignments for this course are due are due on November 24th. This gives you time to complete everything before the other participants watch your finished final product video.

Networked & Flexible

Because we don’t have assigned reading and posts for each week of this course, the first six weeks of the course are “assignments” that describe the three components of this course.  You may want to read through all of them right away, or you may take them one week at a time – whatever works for you!

The most important part of Course 5 is to take what you’ve been thinking about in the previous four courses and really apply it and make it your own. We hope you’ll continue reflecting and sharing in online spaces after COETAIL is over, and Course 5 is that intermediary step between a very formalized structure for sharing, and finding your own process that works best for you.

Remember to use your network during this course! Use the #coetail hashtag on Twitter and Google+, add to the forums on the COETAIL site, and of course connect with the Course 5 Google+ Community created by Vivian as part of her Course 5 project for a great support network. (If you’re interested, she’s also happy to share management of that group – if you are, please let me know!) We’re all here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice!

Important Announcements & Reminders

Although I may not be posting here every week for this course, please make sure this blog stays in your RSS reader so you can catch up on any exciting news that is shared here! Deadlines and important assessment announcements will be made here too, so you don’t want to miss those.

Good luck and enjoy the final course!

Image Credits:

Finish by Jeff Turner, Creative Commons Licensed on Flickr